Insura Solutions - Credit Life Core System

Web-based application for the core system of mortgage redemption insurance.
With an integrated system, the applications are ready to integrate with other internal systems with APIs or Databases.

Master Module

Complete from product setup, partner setup, product mapping until setting user role.

New Business Module

Submit manual or bulky, no worries! Fully validation setting for new policy submission.

Underwriting Module

Saving your time to check new policy with feature smart underwriting.

Finance & Accounting Module

Ready to connect to internal system for accounting or other finance system.

Claim Module

With our system, processing claims or surrender is faster and easier.

Reporting Module

Customize report based on your needs & requirements, easily export to excel or pdf.

Bancassurance Module

Easy access for your sales team to see their production in each partner.

Integration system

Ready to integrate to other internal system with API or Database.

Loan Restructuring Module

The new module to restructure the existing policy follows the role of the partner.


Key Business Advantages

Key Business Advantages

Utilizing digital signature and client data capture with personal ID cards in selected countries.

Bring Your Own Device Approach

Creating a possibility for new agents to use the tool on their own mobile, tablets and laptops.

Process Standardization

Allowing to follow the most effective and successful sales journeys.

Whole Sales Process Covered

By a single tool supporting all agent’s activities during a meeting with potential customers.